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How to broadcast voice on WeChat multi-group?

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Everyone knows that Tencent has a limit on the number of WeChat groups. The maximum number of people who scan the code to join the group is 100 and the maximum number of people invited to join the group is 500. Many community operators have a headache. I have more than 500 users. I want to teach in the WeChat group so that they can all hear. How can I achieve this?
The following editor will tell you the solution, that is, WeChat multi-group live broadcast !

WeChat multi-group live broadcast is a dedicated tool for WeChat group lectures. It perfectly solves the lecture problem and provides a set of WeChat online live lecture programs.
Multi- group live broadcast is a synchronous live broadcast tool based on WeChat group. It uses technical means to realize multi-group live broadcast (including voice, text, pictures, links, WeChat penal video, etc). Multi-group live broadcast frees the hands of the group owner. There is no need to manually forward the content one group at a time. The lecturer lectures as if giving lectures in tens of millions of WeChat groups. Multi-group live broadcast expands the coverage of coverage. Time, millions of people synchronize online listening.
In the past, it was broadcast live in the group, and the value content will soon be covered by the group chat record. It cannot be exported, cannot be retained, and latecomers cannot watch it back. Multi-group live broadcast provides cloud recording and cloud playback functions. Courses broadcast in the group can be automatically recorded, and the content is permanently saved and permanently deposited. It is always stored in the personal center of the lecturer, which can directly delete, modify course content, and can view and share at any time, which greatly reduces the cost of secondary transmission!
WeChat multi-group live broadcast

In general, WeChat multi-group live broadcast can help you quickly expand the scale of lectures and carry out one-to-many efficient transmission. No matter how many WeChat groups, as long as multiple groups of live broadcast tools are used, the lecture content can be sent to all groups simultaneously to achieve group information sharing and instantly increase the intensity of communication. Moreover, it also helps community organizers focus on improving the quality of content, rather than the tedious organization and management outside of content.

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