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Multi-group live broadcast assistant-help you start a class on WeChat group

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Multi-group live broadcast assistant -help you start a class on WeChat group! With the era of the Internet and intelligence, more and more people have begun to use Internet tools to monetize, and among them the most widely used instant messaging chat tool: WeChat has become the most friendly "friend" ".
As long as you use WeChat friends, I believe you must have WeChat groups of various sizes on WeChat, there are WeChat groups of dozens of people, and WeChat groups of up to 500 people. Among these WeChat groups, some groups are learning communication groups, Some groups are internal communication groups, and some groups are WeChat sales groups. So how to open a WeChat classroom among so many WeChat groups? The following editors explain them one by one.
The first step: ask a senior with rich professional knowledge and a long time to teach. Of course, if you don't want to invite others, you can do it yourself. Usually, collect more relevant professional knowledge and organize them on your notebook, then list the lecture outline logically, and try it out in a WeChat group of 2-3 people, and try a few more. Times until you are satisfied.
Step 2: Try to speak Mandarin as much as possible, because the friends in the WeChat group come from all over the world. If the local language is too heavy, many friends in the group will miss the audience because they do not understand. At the same time, do not speak too fast during the lecture. Pay attention to the speed pause.
Step 3: Warm up before class, send some related introductions in the group in advance, such as expert introductions, videos, pictures, texts, etc., but do not brush the screen frequently, there are some small red envelopes, etc., so that the customer's attention Higher
Step 4: Find more people to interact with each other. The greater the interaction within the group, the more active you will be, and the more people will attend the lesson, achieving the desired effect from the face.
Step 5: With the help of some micro-class multi-group broadcast small assistant tools, one group lecture is realized, and 100 groups are automatically synchronized. Because of WeChat itself, the voice cannot be forwarded. If you want to start a class in multiple groups at the same time, the teacher can only give lectures back and forth in one group and one group. This is very inconvenient, so using some lecture tools is necessary.
Step 6: If you can, you can record the course in advance and broadcast it one by one at the specified time. But these also need some tools, you can Baidu: Dini Fei Class, he can record the course in advance, and then send the lecture content one by one to the group you need to broadcast at a specified time.
The seventh step: do a good job of back defense after class, and consult with the attendees about the post-sales feedback letter collection
other instructions:
1. Introduction of products and services or training courses through WeChat is currently the most important way to promote the community.
2. Allow group friends to get course content without the WeChat group.
3. Through WeChat group promotion, we will encounter the problem that WeChat voice cannot be forwarded without technical support, and this restriction will greatly hinder the promotion efficiency and spread the influence.
4. Synchronized live broadcast tool based on WeChat group, which uses technical means to realize multiple groups of live voice broadcasts (including text, voice, pictures, business cards, links, small video clips, etc.).
5. Customer service contact WeChat is the central broadcasting station in the target WeChat group. All the target WeChat groups can receive messages as soon as they make a sound.
6. As a tool to promote community marketing, it can attract more people's attention to the promoted information, improve the resource conversion rate, and achieve marketing purposes.
7. Micro-courses can be recorded in advance. The forms of the courses are voice, text, pictures, links, etc. The recorded courses can be used at any time, and will be automatically played in each WeChat group according to the process operation.
8. Recording in advance can greatly improve the quality of the course, the arrangement of knowledge points, the control of lecture progress, and the penetration of marketing content. It also avoids the risk of unexpected situations in live lectures, making the course sound more logical and rhythmic. Better control.

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