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What is WeChat Voice Broadcasting Software? How much do you charge

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What is WeChat Voice Broadcasting Software ? How much do you charge

Product introduction WeChat voice retransmission software is a professional live broadcast software with built-in seamless broadcast and multi-broadcast two systems. It realizes cross-border simultaneous live broadcast and broadcasts information (including pictures, text, links, small videos, Public account graphic, etc.) Synchronized broadcast to multiple groups, realizing WeChat multi-group real-time simultaneous live broadcast, no limit for users. Courses can also be recorded in advance. Recording and broadcasting can also achieve multiple groups of simultaneous live broadcasts in various forms such as pictures, text, voice, video, and links to achieve better live broadcast results. Solve the bottleneck of WeChat single group sending, let the course content be synchronized to dozens, hundreds of WeChat groups!
WeChat assistants do not have to be in every WeChat group. All other synchronized WeChat groups are completed by WeChat group live broadcast assistants. The quality and sound quality of the course is exactly the same as the speaker. It has been applied to many industries, in addition to training, many interviews, product investment conferences, store openings and other activities have also taken online WeChat group live broadcast .

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