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Multi-Broadcasting-A New Way for Community Monetization

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The rapid development of the community has brought many new ways of making money, especially the realization of public accounts. But after 17 years, the public account has faced many problems, such as a decrease in the open rate, a decline in the number of articles read, a rise in the cost of acquiring new users, a low level of fan activity ... We treat fans as if they were in love for the first time, but if we do n’t want the fans to say anything, we will take the barrier. There is no chance of recovery. Reading every day is a headache, not to mention monetization.

The main reasons for the current status of the public account are: the homogeneous content of the public account is flooded; the public account that the user pays attention to is too much to watch; the title party routine is many. In this situation, for most public accounts with a small volume, the cost of obtaining powder is very high, and it is basically impossible to develop the incremental fan market, and only deep stocks can be cultivated.

At present, there is a very useful tool in the major communities, which can be a good help to realize the content of the course-let's learn together. WeChat multi-group broadcast function of the school together, providing online WeChat multi-group broadcast service, real-time broadcast of multiple groups, unlimited group number, unlimited time. Just select a group as the main lecture group, set up lecturers and course assistants in the main lecture group, and you can synchronize the course to several hundred or thousands of WeChat groups.

In this way, for community cafes, they can simultaneously broadcast live courses on hundreds of thousands of WeChat groups , and quickly promote the courses to help monetize.

Monetization is not easy. Nowadays, small and medium-sized public accounts and personal knowledge players are not easy to monetize. If possible, try more channels to monetize.

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