WeChat multi-group live broadcast
WeChat multi-group broadcast

WeChat multi-group live broadcast

Single / monthly / software version / mobile device version: WeChat relay assistant, live broadcast + recording, permanent course saving, 150 full marketing functions

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WeChat group live broadcast one-stop service / wireless upgrade / gold medal
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Multi-group real-time broadcasting / multi-group recording course broadcasting / supporting simultaneous broadcasting

Multi-Group Live FAQ

  • Q
    What is the WeChat multi-group live broadcast?
  • A
    WeChat multi-group live broadcast is a multi-group live broadcast assistant based on WeChat ecology. It is safe and stable, and can realize a group lecture. Thousands of groups can synchronize text, voice, video, links, pictures and other broadcasts to improve the lecturer's lecture. effectiveness.
  • Q
    What should I do if I have a problem with your live broadcast system?
  • A
    Hello, after you purchase our multi-group live broadcast assistant, we will have corresponding use training, if you have any problems in the later use process, we provide you with 7X24 hours after-sales service, and our system will be updated frequently later Upgrades, future upgrades are free for life.
  • Q
    Can I play the voice recorded by the lecturer in advance?
  • A
    Yes, the Micro Class Assistant multi-group live broadcast assistant supports course recording and replay, as well as scheduled replays, voice synthesis downloads, etc., to help your course realize secondary realization.
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