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With the advent of the new media era, Vippin launches mobile website construction
  • Multiple cost-effective promotion methods
    Make it easy for customers to find you
    PC website, mobile website, and WeChat website are all integrated, making it easier for customers to find you
  • PC website and mobile website share data update synchronously, easy to manage
    PC website content update, mobile website content update automatically, easy to manage website.
  • Websites open faster and smoother
    Adopt the HTML5 code specification, implement the interface with the least code, and optimize the loading speed.
What can Victoria do?
  • One-touch dial

    With one touch of a button, you can easily dial your contact number. The best mobile marketing features on mobile websites make your phone ring continuously.
  • Map positioning navigation

    Using the mobile phone positioning system to automatically generate navigation routes with you, let your customers find you quickly.
  • Automatic routing access

    Seamless connection with web site, instantly jump to mobile site, no longer worry about slow opening.
  • Large selection of industry templates

    Weipin provides a variety of industry template, exquisite and beautiful, suitable for all types of enterprises.
  • QR code promotion

    Enjoy the two-dimensional code technology on your mobile website. You can achieve business promotion by "Sweep" and let your users access it anytime, anywhere.
  • WeChat promotion partner

    Combining WeChat promotion partners to double your performance, 2012 WeChat has developed rapidly, and mobile marketing, mobile e-commerce, o2o and paid content have a bright future!
  • APP client

    Generate desktop icons to seize entry opportunities, generate icons on the user's mobile phone desktop, all information is covered in all directions with just one click.
  • Cloud service

    Cloud architecture, experienced security support team tracking guarantees throughout the process, let you have a net, and rest easy!
Mobile interaction
One-touch dial
Your website visitors can easily dial your contact number with just one touch of a button. The best mobile marketing features on mobile websites keep your phone ringing.

Mobile map and navigation
Not only display the address text, but also insert mobile maps and navigation to help your customers find you more easily.

Social media plugin
When your visitors see content they like, they can share it to major social media with one click or to friends via WeChat / SMS.

Beautifully dynamic banner
Multiple exquisite pictures on the homepage, support finger touch, so that your customers can feel your products and experience more smoothly.
Website function optimization
Super compatible
Platform: Suitable for all mainstream smartphones (including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone, Symbian, etc.) Models: models suitable for various screens (screen size from 3 inches to 6 inches, resolution from 320P to 1080P ) APP: Suitable for browsing websites within the APP (including WeChat, Weibo, mobile QQ, Xunfeiyu, etc.)

Auto jump
Without a new URL, your customers will automatically jump to the mobile version when they open your website on their mobile phone using the original URL. Cloud Adaptation will select the most appropriate version of the mobile website based on the model used by the visitor.

Based on promotion win in search
A website without promotion is like an island in the ocean, so the ladder system aims to create: a marketing website that is best suited for online promotion. In the development and design of the ladder system, the Baidu Shennong project is used as the standard in terms of functional modules, column settings, and interactivity, which comprehensively promotes the dual promotion effect of Baidu promotion on PC and mobile terminals, allowing customers' online marketing to win Baidu search.

Best Mobile Experience Design
Display for mobile-designed pages
Designed for mobile phone screens, make text and pictures clear, fast navigation, highlight key points, and emphasize brand image.

Interactive experience designed for mobile
It adopts large buttons suitable for finger click, and supports convenient functions such as touchable dynamic pictures, one-click calling, mobile map navigation, etc.
Easily manage double "stations"
In order to facilitate customers to maintain and manage at the same time, the two websites of the PC system and mobile terminal of the ladder system use the same background to accurately synchronize the data and update quickly and easily.
Worry-free distributed storage
Website security is the most intuitive product experience for customers. In order to ensure the security of customers' websites, the ladder system uses a distributed storage architecture. The customer's website information is backed up in multiple places to improve the security of the resources. At the same time, the overall upload Speed at the same time, to ensure the speed of users to open the site.

Load quickly
The cloud computing platform architecture comprehensively improves the opening speed. 200 milliseconds, wonderful website, lightning presentation, so that customers do not lose any intentional customers because they cannot open the website.
Data show that 57% of users leave the webpage that cannot be loaded within 3 seconds, and every additional second thereafter, churn users will increase by 7%. We will optimize the web page to the maximum extent, and help you retain your users firmly within 200 milliseconds.
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