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In the current situation, the website is not only a communication tool for companies and brands, but also a visual art. Vippin has accumulated more than 8 years of work experience in this field. We value the content and framework of the website itself to reach users. The readability and ease of reading, while achieving the user's reading interest in visual creativity and user experience, so that users stay and read in depth, and ultimately generate orders and feedback.

Website building

  • H5 responsive website

    Achieve multi-platform browsing on the PC, iPad, M, and WeChat WeChat, and maintain consistent reading styles at different resolutions. The background update data can be synchronized to multiple platforms, which is efficient and fast.

  • Brand & Corporate Website

    Adopt the international mainstream website design style and combine the brand and corporate VI image to determine the style of the website, to achieve excellent website visual effects, smooth user experience and accuracy of information transmission.

  • Brand Marketing Website

    Integrate marketing ideas, copywriting and pictures into brand websites with aesthetic sense to achieve the business goals of the brand and the company and obtain sales leads or direct orders.

  • Shopping & e-commerce website

    Realize online sales & online shopping services. Its functions mainly include product management, membership management, order management, inventory management, discount management, online payment, etc.

With the maturity of WeChat products, brand owners and companies from all walks of life have become increasingly demanding to use their company's WeChat public account. In order to meet the high standards of customers, WeChat customized development services have been born. WeChat development content includes: WeChat website, WeChat store, WeChat customer service, WeChat membership, WeChat coupons, WeChat community, WeChat WIFI and other applications.

WeChat custom development

  • Micro mall development

    Based on the WeChat system shopping website, you can automatically register as a member after you pay attention. Through the development of a series of functions of members and shopping, its functions mainly include product management, member management, order management, inventory management, and preferential treatment. Management, WeChat payment, etc.

  • Micro official website design

    Weiguan website is based on the mobile website in WeChat, which is a reduced version of the corporate & brand website. It is integrated with WeChat menu to achieve access and functional experience. It is used for other functions such as corporate information transmission, brand image display, order information acquisition, phone message and positioning. .

  • WeChat Mini Program

    WeChat application is equivalent to the development of website functions in WeChat. Based on the WeChat membership system, automatic registration after follow-up is achieved, and related functions are customized according to customer needs, such as WeChat ordering, housekeeping services, WeChat takeaway, WeChat convenience stores, property warranty, WeChat Fresh, fruit, vegetable distribution, etc.

  • Micro-activity customization

    Wechat is the communication of brand and enterprise activities under WeChat. It is customized according to the marketing strategy of the company. It mainly consists of WeChat H5 game development, WeChat H5 website, and WeChat advertising pictures. It combines visual design and program development to achieve the purpose of communication and sharing.

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