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WeChat multi-group live broadcast assistant fee

2019-11-12 20:43:27

WeChat multi-group live broadcast retransmission assistant, WeChat multi-group live broadcast, WeChat community marketing tool <br /> It is able to simultaneously broadcast (rebroadcast) your voice, pictures, text, video, etc. in a WeChat group to dozens, Hundreds of groups.
At present, we provide three kinds of group broadcasting services according to customer needs:
1. Lifetime version, free upgrade (A mobile phone and computer software version B mobile device version)
2. Live single service (10 yuan / group), charge according to the number of groups, starting from 3 groups
3. Monthly service (100 yuan / group / month), unlimited times, starting from 4 groups
WeChat multi-group broadcast
A software version:
Mobile phone software version 1288 yuan, computer software version is divided into 1288 yuan and 788 yuan version (788 yuan needs to bind WeChat)
WeChat relay software
B mobile device version currently has 4 models:
Huawei 4 + 128G memory, support 20 groups, 2988 yuan (performance version is hot)
Lenovo 6 + 64G memory, support 30 groups, 3550 yuan
Lenovo 6 + 128G memory, support 40 groups, 4588 yuan (luxury version is hot)
Xiaomi 8 + 256G memory, 20 high-end devices, 5888 yuan
Multi-group live phone
How to use a single group broadcast?
Broadcast service operation process:
1. Determine the broadcast time and the number of groups, and make an appointment for payment (the appointment is made first and the arrangement is made), and the payment shall prevail
2. The broadcast customer service will assign a broadcast assistant to you, and pull it into all groups
3. Tell the customer service group, the main lecturer, the host, etc. to the customer service, and set the background of the customer service
4, set ok, notify customer service to open the system, you can start a multi-group linkage class
Software and device versions can be set by yourself. For more information, please add WeChat 18030279162
WeChat multi-group broadcast
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