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Focus on website customization and build professional brands in the field
With website construction as the starting point, we will provide you with a complete Internet solution throughout the process

Xiamen Weipin Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and serves more than 500 customers. We provide high-end brand website construction, WeChat website design, WeChat development and Internet-related services. We think about how to create greater value for customers. From PC Go to the mobile Internet to build a comprehensive Internet marketing system;

Through professional technology and good services, we help companies to carefully design high-quality websites, effectively enhance user experience and customer brand value, and lead innovative website design and brand marketing experiences. Adhering to honest cooperation, innovative service, efficient win-win situation, and standing on the customer's stand, every cooperation is achieved!

How do we work?

  • Strategy

    User analysis targeting brand marketing strategies,

    Content information construction and landing methods.

  • Experience

    Achieved through an audience-friendly visual design approach

    The best user experience between brand and people.

  • Technology

    Through mainstream program development and front-end H5 technology integration,

    Make the program framework run fast and stable.

  • Floor / Experience

    Integrate mainstream marketing tools and platforms for launch,

    Such as search, social media, media platforms, etc.

Well-known customers

  • Diversified Group & Manufacturing

    Xiangyu Group

    Tianrun Group

    Wanlong Group

    Zhongchuang Group


    Gangyu Group


    Yanjiang Industry and Trade

    Tianli Import and Export

    Tianyu Plastic

    Aojie Optics

    deep glasses

  • Food & Health & Beauty

    Sun Ocean Food

    Nantai Food

    Nobleman in water



    Ancient dull

    Yuci Fairview Hall

    Guang Yuyuan

    Estee Women's Beauty Club

    Silk language wig

  • Home & Fashion & Design

    And for institutions

    Yipin Decoration

    And for institutions

    Wonderful steward

    Elinda Clothing

    Furuijie clothing

    Class Mom's Powerhouse

    Aike clothing

    Viewpoint Advertising

    Ruijia brand

    Kexi (Hong Kong) Group

  • Technology & IT

    Elt Technology

    Baimou Technology

    Jixun Technology

    Xinlang Software

    Bexiang Technology

    Zhiheng Information

  • Business & Education & Others

    Manganese Finance

    Boxing Insurance Network

    Domino education

    Half building

    Gordon Book Court


    China Times

    Yongshun Logistics

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