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Company Name: Xiamen Yunguang Computer Vocational Training School

Xiamen Yunguang Computer Vocational Training School is a professional vocational training school approved by the Xiamen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in 1999. It is a designated training institution of the Xiamen Municipal Government, a designated training institution for Xiamen high-skilled talents, and a shortage in Xiamen. Designated training institutions for work types, AAA-level social organizations.
Yunguang currently has 5 teaching branch campuses with a teaching area of more than 2,000 square meters and more than 60 teachers with college or technical secondary school education. It is one of the largest training institutions in Xiamen and has the strongest teaching staff. In the interior design, advertising design, UI design, e-commerce, mold design, web design , human resource management, software development, network engineering and other vocational skills education fields, Yunguang has strong strength.


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