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Common Principles of Mobile Website Construction

2018-04-11 17:15:14

At the same time as the rapid development of the Internet, mobile terminals have followed closely. Various apps and social software platforms have emerged endlessly. Enterprises have shifted from focusing on the operation and maintenance of PC-side websites to mobile terminal marketing. Enterprises are aiming at the needs of users' fragmented browsing time and ease of use, and have established mobile phone websites for branded products. However, mobile websites are different from PC-side websites in many aspects, especially in terms of performance. So what are the common principles when building a mobile site ?

First, simplify navigation
In order to prevent users from scrolling horizontally, this requires a clear directory structure that provides eye-catching "back" and "home" buttons. For the directory structure of navigation, Google has listed four common mobile website navigation forms, namely : Horizontal bar, large button, list, and option. Mobile websites are different from ordinary websites in that when reading the article to the end, it is troublesome to go back to the top. Therefore, when designing a mobile website, you should pay attention to adding a button to the top on the right to let the website Made easier to read on mobile devices.

Humanized login interface with distinctive style
Today's enterprises basically have their own mobile websites, but each has its own characteristics. How to stand out from so many websites? May wish to think from the perspective of the customer. For example, the opening speed of mobile websites is generally slow. In this process, if the login interface is more interesting or fresh and clean, the customer's visual satisfaction will be satisfied first, and the customer will be satisfied. Make a good impression, followed by reducing customer dislike caused by slow speed.

Third, thumb operation
With larger buttons to reduce the difficulty of operation. In order to prevent users from inconveniently clicking other options or content because the buttons are small, you can appropriately blank the buttons on the limited mobile phone screen and widen the spacing between the buttons to expand the range of clicks.

Fourth, use less pictures on mobile websites
On the PC-side website construction, in order to look beautiful and concise, most of the time will insert some pictures, but the mobile site is still better to use as few pictures as possible, because pictures will occupy a larger page, if it is too small, you will not Clearly no effect. If you must insert some pictures, you can use the whole station zoom mode so that the user does not need to click the single zoom mode.

Five, the content of the site is mainly concise
Unlike the PC-side website, the mobile-side website can present all the content in detail. It is mainly simple and clear, especially the navigation bar. It must be short and clear to quickly guide users to further browse the deep information of the website. Because the contents of mobile website pages are more complicated, users will be slower in downloading and browsing, which will gradually wear off the patient's patience. Therefore, the website is mainly concise.

Six, simple and fast
The so-called simple and fast is to display the most needed things to the user in the simplest, most practical and fastest form on the limited screen of the mobile phone, to make the user convenient. The approach is to provide users with the most needed content and functions, and to remove as much as possible the content, functions, sections, buttons, etc. that can be removed from the mobile website, leaving only the most essential parts to play a streamlining role.
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