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What impact do second-level domain names have on keyword rankings?

2018-09-15 14:38:26

Original title: What are the effects of second-level domain names on optimization?

What impact do second-level domain names have on keyword rankings?
The second-level domain name refers to the domain name under the top-level domain name. Under the international top-level domain name, it refers to the online name of the domain name registrant. Second-level directories and second-level domain names are often used in the process of website SEO optimization. Under the main domain name, build a second-level directory with a theme that is related to the main website and rich in content. It can directly improve the ranking of keywords and promote the weight of the main domain.

For the same keywords, if the competitor is an internal page, and you are a directory page, then your directory page has an advantage over other internal pages if the website has the same weight. In the case where the difficulty of keyword optimization is relatively high, multiple layers can be built, and the second-level directory is a principle. Both are promoted at the first level to increase the overall weight of the website.

In fact, the weight of the second-level domain name is not necessarily lower than the main domain. As long as you do well, the second-level domain name can also exceed the main domain. From a certain perspective, the second-level domain name can also help the ranking of the main domain, but it is not as direct as the second-level directory. Then, can we build more second-level domain names to promote the ranking of the main domain.

1. What is a second-level domain name?

The second-level domain name is the penultimate part of the domain name, and the domain below the top-level domain name.

2. What are the characteristics of second-level domain names?

Based on my long-term experience using second-level domain names, I think the second-level domain names have the following three characteristics:

(1) Second-level domain names are those that are registered under the main domain name.

(2) The second-level domain name belongs to an independent branch. He has his own collection, snapshot, PR value, and anti-chain.

(3) When the primary domain name is punished, the secondary domain name will also be punished.

3. Is the association between the second-level domain name and the main domain name big?

Many people think that the second-level domain name is very related to the main domain. Is this statement really true? According to Baidu's official statement: the second-level domain name has its own domain name, has its own site, is a completely independent site, has its own separate content, and independent judgment.

But it may be too absolute to say that there is no connection at all. Why do many people find high-weight sites to buy second-level domain names for websites? Why does Baidu crack down on sites that sell secondary domain names or directories for cheating? There are of course many reasons, but there is no denying that there are still some associations, but from the perspective of the SEO forum, this association is only small.

4. Is www with a domain name? Or a second-level domain?

We often see that many people mistakenly take www as a first-level domain name and other prefixes as second-level domain names. In fact, this is also wrong. The correct domain name division should be: Primary (Level 1) Domain second-level domain name second-level domain name

5. What is the relationship between the weight of the second-level domain name and the second-level directory?

The second-level domain name appears on the Internet as an independent domain name, and the second-level directory appears as a subpage of the website. Therefore, many people think that the weight between the two is the same. This understanding is wrong. In fact, the weight of second-level domain names is higher than that of second-level directories.

In short, both the second-level domain name and the second-level directory can be used to help the progress of the main website, but to help the second-level domain name, you must first associate this second-level domain name with the main domain, and do a good job of second-level domain Construction and optimization. Although the second-level domain name will not disperse the weight of the main domain, it will not inherit the weight. A good useless second-level domain name will not do much to the main domain. In addition, it is recommended that when the content of the website is not strong enough to become an independent website, the secondary directory form is still used, and it will perform better on the search engine side.

6. Will the second-level domain name decentralize the weight of the main domain name?

For some people saying that the second-level domain names will decentralize and lose weight, the SEO forum thinks it is completely wrong. How can this weight be decentralized? Do you build a second-level domain name and lose some of the weight of the main domain? Not to mention that the weight is not official, and Baidu's comprehensive score for the website will not decrease with the development of the domain name. If so, wouldn't it not hurt the main domain if the website develops directories and internal pages?

7. Will the secondary domain name inherit the weight of the primary domain?

We also often see this, many people think that the secondary domain name will inherit the weight of the primary domain, so after the weight of the primary domain is high, they swear to parse a secondary domain name quickly, want to take shortcuts, and the result is a grey nose.

As mentioned earlier, the website made by the second-level domain name is a separate site, and it won't get anything from the main domain. To do this site well, you need to continue to do it step by step. Some people may ask, why are some of Baidu's second-level domain names, such as: libraries, knows, encyclopedias, etc. so weighted? In fact, it was accumulated by Baidu step by step optimization, not the result after the original analysis, and you just saw that it was done well.

8. Can secondary websites accumulate weight without content?

The second-level domain name is completely an independent website. Since it is a website, it needs to have content. It can do completely different content, can also do similar content, or expand the next key content of the main domain. But do n’t put an empty shell to dream in that day. The second-level domain name also needs the supply of content, and it also needs high-quality content. There is no shortcut to optimize it.

9. If the second-level domain name is ready, will the main domain be good?

As for the second-level domain name, if the main domain is also a good statement, the SEO forum feels that these two contents are completely irrelevant. Many website second-level domain names are much better than the main domain. These two are not related, so if you want a second-level domain name to promote the main domain, you need to associate them and access the main domain in the second-level domain name.

Take Baidu, for example, its second-level domain names, main domain names, and other domain names are interrelated and promote each other. Each domain name is independent, but can be switched and promoted. So if you want your second-level domain name to promote the ranking of the main domain like the second-level directory, you need to associate them reasonably, but it is not a pile of anchor text and links.

10. When should I use a second-level domain name?

If you want to use keywords in a domain name, then a second-level domain name is also a reasonable choice. The search engine does seem to give the keywords in the URL a lot of weight, and the keywords that match exactly in the subdomain name have a higher weight than the subdirectory.

In general, second-level domain names are more suitable for large websites. Because the use of second-level domain names can shorten the length of the URL path, it may have a good effect on inclusion. The full-site interweaving can enable search engines to retrieve and actively generate site maps.

Generally speaking, the weight must be first-level domain name> second-level domain name> second-level directory, but many websites have set 301 redirects, that is, when you click on the first-level domain name, because the 301 redirect is set, it will jump directly to the settings. At this time, the ownership of the first-level domain name is transferred to the second-level domain name. At this time, the weight of the first-level domain name is the same as that of the second-level domain name.

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