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Dynamic effects that are easily overlooked in website construction are very important for user experience

2018-04-11 17:43:33

Animation effects are an indispensable link in user experience design. In the interaction of website construction , dynamic effects are used as a lubricant for transitions, and they are an important part of the past. Animation makes all this less obtrusive, transitions naturally, presents state changes, and helps users understand the current state more clearly. This is a great way.

1.Drop down to refresh the update
The visual feedback represented by the loading indicator informs the user that the system has started processing previous requests. Subtle animations help users understand what is going on.

2. Present system status
When a user triggers an interface behavior through interaction, they want to be able to see a visual response-the entire interaction system should clearly indicate that it has received the request and processed it. For example: confirm user behavior. After the system receives the user's feedback, it informs the user through animation that it has received the feedback. Visual feedback prevents users from doing more.

3. Reduce cognitive load
This cognitive load is very heavy when the user needs to spend effort to understand something as best as possible. In general, the more worrying the product, the lower the cognitive load. If a product has a heavy cognitive load, it can be difficult for users to understand without the effort. As designers, our goal should be to create an easy-to-use interface. If properly designed, animation can help users reduce the cognitive load.

4.Attract users' attention
Animation can draw the user's attention to a specific area or leave the current area. Good dynamic design can make the UI not obtrusive and easier to navigate. It can notice the user's eyes where new objects appear and disappear, and let the user have an intuitive understanding of what happened.

5. Confirm operation
Animation can enhance the action that users are doing. You can add a dynamic effect to the click of each button and the transition of the screen. Visual feedback can increase user participation and pleasure. For example, horizontal vibration animation is used when the password is wrong. The user can immediately understand the meaning of this action when he notices this animation.

Animation is the next level of technology. It is a natural way to interact with things, and it is definitely the key to future design. It's time to say goodbye to the still user interface and create a more vivid interface.
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