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Website construction copywriting planning banned vocabulary in the 2018 Advertising Law!

2018-09-15 14:12:37

Website construction copywriting planning banned vocabulary in the 2018 Advertising Law!

1 "most"
Best, best, most, favorite, most earning, best, best, best, biggest, biggest, highest, highest, highest, most luxurious, lowest, lowest, lowest, lowest, Cheapest, lowest price in history, most popular, most popular, most fashionable, most gathered, most consistent, most comfortable, first, most advanced, most advanced science, last, latest, latest technology, latest science
2 "one"
First, No.1 in China, No.1 in the entire network, No.1 in sales, No.1, No.1, No.1 brand, No.1, TOP1, Unique, No.1 in the country, Legacy, One day, Only once The last wave, one of the top X brands in the country, sales crown (required by the Housing and Construction Commission to use)
3 "levels"
National, International, World, Ten Million, Million, Star, 5A, Class A, Super Class A
4 "limit words"
Top (top / advanced), Top enjoyment, Premium, Best, Excellent (Excellent / Absolute), Ultimate, Extreme, Extreme, Extremely, Perfect, Excellent (excellent), Extreme, Extreme, Extreme, Perfect Products, Zhenzhi, Zhenxian, finale, questioning, unprecedented, afterever, out of print, unparalleled, no other, peak, unprecedented, unparalleled, top, top, top, top, perfect, best, Non-renewable, non-reproducible, unique, unparalleled, rich, incomparable, unique, outstanding, outstanding
5 `` scarce ''
There are no ancients, no prints, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare treasures, hard to find, rare, rare, unprecedented, rare, few
6 "Exclusive"
Exclusive, original, independent, developer, founder, founder, inventor
7 "First / Home / Country"
First, first choice, exclusive, first, chief, capital, first choice, second to none, first in the country, national leader, national gate, national house, first time, filling domestic gaps, international quality
8 `` gold ''
Gold Shop, Gold Value, Prime Location, Money, Financial Currency Pictures, Foreign Currency
9 "Brands"
Big, Gold, Famous, Ace, Leading, Superstar, Famous, Leader, Leader Brand, Supreme, Champion, King, King, King, King, Villa, Villa, Royal
10 "collar"
World Leader, (Remote) Leader, Leader, Leader, Lead, Lead, Pilot, Lead
11 `` false ''
Unprecedented, unprecedented, permanent, omnipotent, 100%, unique
12 "Authority"
Special offer, exclusive offer, expert recommendation, national xx leader recommendation, use of RMB pattern (except for approval by the central bank)
13 `` suspected consumer fraud ''
Click to receive awards, congratulations to win, free for everyone, click to have surprises, click to get, click to turn around, collect prizes, draw. Note: Gifts (name, price, quantity deadline)
14 `` suspected to induce consumers ''
Sold out, sold out, no more rush, no more, the lowest price in history, no more cheap, no xx without him, no more missed / no miss (no chance if missed), never before, 10,000 people crazy, National snapped up / snapped up, free to collect, free to live, 0 down payment, (no down payment), zero distance, "price you decide"
15 "text"
Foreign language shall not be displayed separately (Chinese language shall be indicated when foreign languages are displayed), writing brush characters, traditional characters, and fonts without copyright (Hanyi)
16 "right of portrait"
Citizen portrait rights, children portrait rights, celebrity portrait rights, celebrity portrait rights, celebrity cartoon images, cartoon cartoon images
17 "Education"
School name, further education, education escort, nine-year education, one-stop education, admission to school room, priority admission, 12-year education without worry, worry-free throughout, let children win on the starting line
18 「Accounts」
Committed account, blueprint account, promised immigration, and buying a house are all solved
19 `` Feng Shui ''
Shangfengshui, Jucainanqi, Baodi, Holy Land, Mansion, Dragon Vein (Guimai), Eastern and Western Mythical Figures, Land of Dragon Veins, Fengshui Baodi, Heaven and Man in One, Heavenly Land Branches Going to the Mountain and Water — Enjoy First City
20 "feudal"
Imperial City, Imperial City, Royal Territory, Royal Family, Royal Family, Royal Family, Palace, White House, Royal Palace (Mansion), Royal Residence, Government Office, Administrative Building, XX Embassy, XX Realm
21 "discriminatory words"
Noble, Noble, Hidden Noble, High, Stratum, Rich area, Famous gate, XX class, XX class
22 "Events"
National large-scale events (Winter Olympic Games, Olympic Games, World Cup), Double Eleven (has been registered and cannot be used by Alibaba)
23 `` Value / Investment ''
Appreciation value, value depression, value Tiancheng, 100 billion value, investment return, crowdfunding, copying, stock buying is not as good as buying a house, the appreciation potential is wireless, and you can earn as soon as you buy it
24 `` data without evidence ''
House acquisition rate%, XX acres, XX kilometers, XX square meters, selling X million,% greening rate,% plot ratio, selling X 100 million, selling / trading XXX units, XXX owners
25 「Transportation / Facilities」
Directly to the doorstep of the house, subway cover, subway station, Wanmu Park, several major shopping malls, Wanda nearby, airport radiation zone, supermarket, shopping mall, school, hospital and other names, X subways, X buses (verified by inspection) ), Next to the subway (within 1 km)
26 `` Unable to prove specific geographical location ''
CBD coordinates, CBD core, urban core area, you are in the heart of the city, I am in your heart, central, central, center of gravity, center, focus, hinterland, landmark, city center, above the world
27 "Limited time activities"
The time limit must be specific time (today, today), days and nights, countdown, while now, just, only, weekend, anniversary, special party, shopping party, flash sale, brand group (must have event date), end at any time Price increase at any time
28 `` No pre-sale license ''
No pre-sale license: no mention of opening
Pre-sale only: no mention of hardcover
If it is not completed: the decoration style is prohibited (Seiko German decoration, originating from centuries-old heritage, indoor use of XX stone)
29 "Others"
National flag, national emblem, national anthem
Time represents distance, all unsourced data
Transportation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities under planning and under construction (suspected misleading propaganda)
All pictures included in the article are attributed (real-life pictures / real-life pictures / effect pictures)
Loan service: should provide loan bank, name, loan amount, term (including installment, daily payment)
The monthly mortgage payment needs to indicate the name of the bank and the loan amount, and the period of time is only allowed to be settled in RMB, and foreign currencies cannot be used
Regarding the ranking: the first, second, first, top three, top ten, and other slogans are exaggerated and untrue
Newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. appear in the folder
"9 New Real Estate Advertisements"
1. Must not contain commitments for appreciation or return on investment; (minefield: return on investment for purchase of shops, etc.)
2. The position of the project must not be expressed in terms of the time it takes for the project to reach a specific reference object; (minefield: only 30 minutes drive from XXX)
3. Do not mislead publicize transportation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities and other municipal conditions during planning or construction (mined areas: publicize transportation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities that are not determined by the government, or even if there are plans or Built, but misleading publicity.)
4. Pre-sale of real estate, but those who have not obtained the pre-sale license for the project shall not publish real estate advertisements.
5. It shall not contain feudal superstitions such as feng shui and divination, and the description and rendering of the project situation shall not be contrary to the good customs of society. (Minefield: various outdoor advertising with lower limit appeared before)
6. There must be no financing or disguised financing in real estate advertisements. (Some commercial projects that are mentioned in the marketing of homes and rents may return to mines.)
7. Real estate advertisements must not include the promise of advertisers to be able to handle household registration, employment, further education and other matters for the occupants. (Minefield: Education Real Estate)
8. Do not use terms such as "national", "superior", "best" (the "limit word" reposted in the circle of friends recently is an extension of this item, and it does not appear in formal laws and regulations, it is recommended to try to Don't be overly promotional.)
9. Pre-sale and pre-rented commercial housing advertisements shall not involve decoration and decoration. (Minefield: hardcover room, decoration room)
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