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Service number and subscription number which is suitable for marketing

2017-03-13 16:52:20

WeChat is widely used in our daily life. It communicates instant messages with friends, such as text and emoticons, and shares files such as pictures, music, and videos. Every day, thousands of friends forward or share articles on WeChat public platforms on WeChat friends, friends groups, WeChat groups and other places, so that WeChat friends can see this article, so that the company achieved the purpose of communication and marketing. So which one of service number and subscription number is suitable for marketing for a company?
1. Mainly for information release and marketing activities. <br /> It is recommended to make a subscription number, which is not limited by the frequency of publication. The purpose is to create content, and then allow users to see fresh and interesting information every day, and entice users to forward. . The subscription number can be sent in one group every day, and the service number can be sent in four groups every month.
2. Provide in-depth services for customers and members. <br /> It is recommended to provide a service number, cooperate with technical means to connect WeChat and CRM, and combine multiple customer service functions to provide users with a good service experience. Multiple customer services communicate with fans at the same time, which is suitable for accounts with a large amount of messages, and subscription numbers do not support multiple customer services.
3. Functional requirements <br /> According to the user's needs for the public account function, there are more advanced functions of the service number, such as supporting WeChat payment, statistic two-dimensional code, group sending, WeChat on the wall and other advanced functions, and The subscription number has only auto-reply and custom menu functions.
The different types of subscription numbers and service numbers play different roles. One focuses on propagation and the other focuses on maintenance. Because the subscription number is folded, the general opening rate of the subscription number is low. According to incomplete statistics, it can be considered to be relatively high if it can reach 10% to 20%; while the opening rate of the service number is still above 50% to 60% Relatively high.
Which service number and subscription number are suitable for marketing? Before choosing to be a WeChat public account, we must first determine the functions required by the WeChat public account, and expect what effect the public account can bring to you.
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