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How to increase the weight of a website

2017-03-08 16:23:28

Weight is a search engine's rating of a website based on user experience. The higher the score, the higher the weight. So how do we increase the weight of a website?
1. Add external links. External links can effectively increase the weight of the website. Post in a high-weight forum. When posting, you must participate in keywords and link addresses in the post. When your post is successfully sent, because the weight of the forum you posted is very high, it will directly affect the link address in your post. And keywords, then the weight of your website will also increase. The points for adding external links are: continue to increase, pay attention to the diversity of the anchor text of the external links and the diversity of the website.
2. Use original articles whenever possible to improve the quality of your website content. The title of the article is the focus of a content page, so everyone can work harder on the title of the article. Improve site inclusion. Here we recommend that you optimize the internal structure of the website, such as the physical URL of the website, internal links, navigation, etc.
3. Directed anchor text. This is a very effective way to increase the weight of the website from the content level. This operation can make search engines trust your website very much.
4. The website update mechanism. The daily update principle of the website is to make search engines think that the website is being updated by users, rather than the program to automatically publish the content. Manually updated original content can greatly improve the weight of the website. Conversely, the weight of the website is reduced for collection and reprinting.
5. Some non-significant external or internal links on the website are blocked by the nofollow tag, such as about us, registration and other pages. This can prevent weight loss.
6. If the website has too many links to external websites, a large part of the weight will be lost. So when you do the necessary link export, you can use the nofollw tag to tell search engines not to follow this link, and do not link to websites that are K or may involve illegal content.
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