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Promotion of brand website construction

2017-02-09 12:23:28

Some solutions for the promotion of brand website construction are for your reference:

(1) Encyclopedia Brand Entries Each major encyclopedia website creates brand entries, which can make users feel professional. From the user's point of view, the Encyclopedia platform is an authoritative place, and users who appear in your brand will be more trusted. The traffic and ranking of the Encyclopedia platform are very good. Adding its own brand to it has brought more traffic and accurate users, which can serve two purposes.

(2) Brand keyword optimization optimizes key product words through search engine optimization. When our products are ranked in the top several search engine results pages all year round, when users want to find this product again, they may not Enter the product name but directly enter your brand name to achieve the purpose of finding a website, so as to achieve the purpose of accumulating long-term repeat customers.
(3) Continuous promotion. The promotion here is not limited to advertising, but also includes user word-of-mouth. We must be good at using social tools, such as brand Weibo, QQ space, etc., to increase the bridge with users and actively interact with users. , Handle user issues and increase user trust.

(4) 360 search engine good search
360 search engine has established an independent brand "Good Search", which is still more user-friendly than other search engines. When searching for a certain keyword, users can interact through the talk on the right. When you post the content on the talk Users who search for keywords will display your content. However, due to the relationship between time and other people's speaking, the topics you post may be replaced, so if you want to show your content for a long time, you need to publish your new content regularly.

(5) News sources Fun with news sources. I believe that everyone is no stranger to the term Baidu index. The Baidu index is mainly used to count the search volume of keywords. To increase the search volume of your keywords, there are two methods. First: Brush, second: copy. Of course, brushing the index is not the style I recommend. There is only speculation. Hype is the best way to improve brand effects. First of all, if you want to hype your keywords, you must have keywords appear. Where is the best place to appear? It's not the copyright or the content, but it appears on the title. If your keywords appear on the title, I believe users will easily remember your keywords.

(6) Fun promotion is actually similar to this kind of promotion. We have seen a lot on WeChat, but WeChat recently released new rules prohibiting WeChat from attracting attention, so this method is rarely seen on WeChat, but we can Applying to Weibo, QQ space and other brands, such methods are currently used to promote less fun. At the same time, this method is still effective for OCD users. Of course, I don't want everyone to lie to fans in this way. When others follow your WeChat, you can define a response to a word to find the answer according to the settings. It is not good to cheat fans.

Most of the website branding is a very formal Weibo, WeChat, and then the updated content is very serious. In fact, the user may want to interact more. In all aspects, the official can interact with each user. I believe users Become a big fan of you and recognize your brand!
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