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How to write content with high traffic

2017-04-20 12:00:16

Writing soft texts to promote websites is a method that many webmasters hope but dare not try. The reason is that there is a timidity in writing soft texts, which makes them discouraged. In fact, there is a certain routine for writing a high-quality, high-traffic soft article. The following methods may help you.

1. Have your own unique and selling point of view
Often the more controversial or unique opinions are more welcomed by readers. The information on the Internet is as deep as the sea. The mindset of netizens is to be able to find different views from other articles. Do n’t worry about the views being too radical or one-sided. Positive and formal articles are not pleasing. Example: "There are shortcuts to making money on a website." The purpose of this soft article is to cater to the tastes of webmasters, because webmasters build stations to make money, and they want to make money as fast as possible. Maybe the methods in it are not applicable to some webmasters, but this view is still subject to Welcome.

2. Verbs need to be mindful
In the process of description, try to use some deliberate verbs, and you can also add adverbs to make the verbs take heart. This is another feature of high read articles. How to make verbs mindful? Just add an adverb before the verb to exaggerate the action. For example, in the top 20 of NetEase, "throwing", "exploding change", "crazy point", "spike", "cultivation", "exposure", "crossing", "rare talk", "revenge", "deception", "revenge", etc Wait. These words can touch people's hearts, and high-traffic articles can be at ease.

3. Article selection is mostly for social life, entertainment and sports
Judging from the content of articles, the ones with a higher number of clicks are generally social life articles, sports content, and entertainment information. Relative to some vertical, professional and segmented content, its attention is relatively small.

4. Borrow others' famous articles
The celebrity effect is one of the magic weapons to obtain high traffic in the Internet age. The powerful power of the Internet is that no celebrity can hide in its information network. Most netizens like to watch celebrities' lives, work, feelings, and so on. If your article can be related to celebrities, it is a good way to quickly increase traffic.

5. Practical Articles
Although the Internet is dominated by gossip, interaction, and entertainment, remember that everyone also likes practical things. Baidu knows the reason for this fire is that in real life, people will always encounter different problems that are difficult to solve. At this time, they need some practical articles to answer them.

Of course, in writing a soft article, in addition to the type of topic, there are a lot of things to pay attention to, such as how to choose an entry point, that is, how to perfectly embed the information of the product, service, or brand that needs to be promoted into the article content. The entry point can make the entire soft article look natural and perfect the soft advertising; for example, design the article structure, grasp the overall direction, control the trend of the article, and choose a strong headline; improve the overall text, enrich by the frame Content, polish specific content, etc. I believe that as long as the article is clear and natural and can cause deep thinking, then your content is not far from high reading.
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