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WeChat Index-your index is beyond your imagination

2017-03-25 22:36:44

On the evening of March 23, 2017, WeChat released the WeChat Index without any warning. After trying it out, this tool is just so easy to use. This is the WeChat official mobile index based on WeChat big data analysis.

WeChat Index

Where to find this tool? Enter "WeChat Index" in your WeChat search bar to discover and access.

The "index" tools that operators rely on daily in the web era, such as Baidu index and Taobao index index tools; for WeChat public account operators, for brands, markets, and public relations personnel, this WeChat index is a tool that will be used every day in the future. It's just that the first appearance of "WeChat Index" is not so amazing, and this is not WeChat. Since you are about to publish a new thing, you must at least complete the basic functions. There is no hot search list, no hot word comparison, and no geographical distribution. And WeChat said that although there are currently some indexes based on the mobile Internet field, there is no social data from WeChat, and it is difficult to form a three-dimensional and comprehensive user preference tracking. The current marketing tool is still easy to use the Baidu Index. WeChat Index still has some way to go.

For the operators, especially the new media operators, the WeChat index has undoubtedly affected the KPI. Because of the brand communication, the WeChat index is clear at a glance, but there should soon be companies that do WeChat index optimization and start a business. Called for example WEO (WeChat Engine Optimization) WeChat engine optimization, or

WSO (WeChat Official Accounts Search Engine Optimization) (referred to as: WeChat search optimization, other English abbreviations WOASEO, WSEO, etc.)

Visually, a large wave of WeChat index rankings hit, and there will even be a mess of index black box optimization behavior for a while.

The data source of WeChat index is the search and browsing behavior on WeChat. Searching on WeChat is not the high-frequency behavior of users. After all, the positioning of WeChat is social rather than search engines. As for the browsing behavior, it is officially limited to public account articles. And articles reposted publicly by the circle of friends.

If a product is to be disseminated in the WeChat ecosystem, it is necessary to use the WeChat index. Once the function of the WeChat index is optimized, the WeChat index is a very effective monitoring and marketing tool for brands and public relations. How about the spread of your own, just monitor your brand word WeChat index.

As an analogy to the attribute classification of the public account background, the WeChat index can completely do statistics on the user's gender, language, province, city, terminal, model and other data, because the user is in the WeChat ecosystem, so WeChat The index should be more accurate than other indexes. Looking forward to further observation ...

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