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What are the advantages and disadvantages of imitation stations

2017-03-15 16:22:01

Imitation station is to find a website you like and imitate it as it is. Usually, CMS is used as the background of the website, and the imitation is a static template of the target station. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of imitation stations?
The advantages of imitation station: save design cost, short development cycle, low cost. <br /> When you want to build a website, you need to have an overall concept plan for the website, and use someone else's framework and design to design your own website Put other people's design materials on your own website, and then add some personalized and unique elements. With CMS, you only need to make a simple set of templates. Basic and simple functions are basically included in the CMS system. It does not require the development of a website system. It can be said to be relatively easy. There is no long time required to redesign the website, which can reduce development work. The cost is relatively low.
Disadvantages of imitation sites: Because it is an open source program, there are more loopholes, and the security of imitation sites is relatively low. <br /> Imitation sites can only imitate the page layout and front desk design of the target website, and cannot imitate the functions of the website. Many programs on the Internet are open source, and there are many loopholes. Websites are easily poisoned if they are not regularly managed. But if the customer has a limited budget, the imitation station is also a very good choice. It is enough if it is corporate propaganda, if it involves the company's confidential information, it cannot be used.
Warm Tips from Weipin Network: Before choosing a fake website , you must consider it carefully. What purpose and style we want to achieve for the website .
If you want to build a successful website by yourself, you must have certain programming skills and internet marketing skills, and you must also have UI design skills. If you do not have these capabilities, you can choose a good website construction company. If you want to learn more about building a website, please contact Weipin Network, customer service telephone 15880204330, QQ1227568913.
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