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H5 Responsive Website Construction Plan

What is a responsive website?
In simple terms, it is an interface that can be accessed on different devices and see different effects. The use of mobile devices and mobile networks has surpassed the traditional PC end, and with it comes an unprecedented demand for technologies such as responsive mobile web design.

Responsive web design

Personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices are numerous. If a website appears flawless on a personal computer, it will overflow when opened on the phone screen, the page will scroll horizontally, or the page may be extremely reduced on the phone When in doubt, it will not be recognized. How a website perfectly appears on dozens of screens has become our concern. If you want to make a set of pages for each terminal, it is too labor-intensive and difficult to maintain. Responsive page planning is a new planning idea that solves the problem that a website reaches the best display effect on various screens.

Here are three responsive design patterns:


Scaling, streaming layout, and responsiveness

These terms are confusing, and designers often mistakenly use them interchangeably. In fact, each is a significant evolution of layout techniques, one by one, like the evolution of technology.

The zoom layout is designed to scale each element relatively. They dynamically scale content as the window size changes, and in this regard, they are responsive. The layout itself remains static, maintaining consistent performance by changing every element.

Examples of scaling layouts at different resolutions,
This design sacrifices legibility for uniformity

Streaming layouts are different because they scale container elements with the size of the window. This can be done with relative units such as em, which overcomes the problem of reducing text. When the user actively zooms, the design is broken.

Examples of streaming layouts at different resolutions,
This design sacrifices unity for legibility

Responsive design doesn't scale anything. Instead, it decides what to display based on the window size.

Examples of responsive layouts at different resolutions


Elemental distortion

This is a bit obscure, but essentially, when the layout is displayed on a small window, all unprocessed columns are presented as rows. This is a problem because distortion of content can inadvertently change the level of design.

Columns become rows, distorting content

The solution is obvious, but surprisingly, many people still struggle with it: just set the element's width, height, and padding explicitly. If it moves out of place and covers other elements, you can force it back to its original position by wrapping it in a div container and setting the margins.


Scaling, streaming layout, and responsiveness

The content area usually changes with the size of the window. So when the fixed-width image exceeds the display area, the image is cropped.

Bad fixed-width picture example, it's too big. A scroll bar appears and the content is pushed off the screen

This problem can be avoided by setting the relative units of the picture. Or use a framework that supports responsiveness (such as Bootstrap) and use the responsive image class name to control (such as class = "img-responsive").

The same element, with the responsive image class name, the scroll bar is gone

The diversity of screen sizes and resolutions is not the only reason for developing responsive mobile web design techniques. If your site is responsive, you do n’t need to design different page layouts for different devices. In addition, since the website has only one URL, users can easily and directly access it through a tablet or smartphone, avoiding the trouble of redirecting again and again.
Compared with the display method on the ordinary PC, responsive websites need to follow certain design principles and require more professional designer layout planning.
Weipin Network responsive website design and production provide users with more planning and consulting services .

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