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Website Construction of Xiamen Quanshui Charity Foundation

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Company Name: Lidaxin Green Lighting Co., Ltd.

In order to care for rural school children and caring for local education, Li Jianghuai and Millie and his wife funded the establishment of the Xiamen Spring Water Charity Foundation, which was formally approved by the Xiamen Civil Affairs Bureau in June 2015. At present, the Foundation is mainly engaged in the "Light Up China's Countryside" public welfare project, helping under-funded schools to replace old classroom lighting facilities, improve the teaching environment of remote rural schools, and protect the vision and mental health of school children. At the same time, the foundation also launches projects to support students and teachers. Matching lovers to help poor students successfully complete their studies. Help teachers in rural areas develop educational programs that benefit students, so that they can enjoy higher-quality learning courses. Light up the hometown classroom, and light up the child's heart. We hope that through our efforts, children in the rural areas will have a better future!



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