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Construction of a large news portal-China Times

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Web portal construction

Company Name: China Times News Website

On December 1, 2014, we warmly celebrated the launch of the large-scale portal (China Times) news website created by Xiamen Weipin Network! Website: http: // 中 中 时报 .com /

The website was successfully launched not only thanks to the technical staff of Xiamen Weipin Network for their hard work, but also thanks to the trust and cooperation of Xiaozhi and Xiaozhou, the heads of the China Times website!

I still remember when I first met with Xiaozhi about this website. He said: So far, I have not seen a decent online news portal about Taiwan and the mainland, and he just wanted to be a professional about Taiwan and the mainland. Communication news site. It took almost 3 months for this website to finally go online. I believe that the China Times News Network will take advantage of online and combine offline strength and resources to be able to operate into a most influential news portal!

I wish the China Times News Portal a better and better!


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