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Group website construction solutions for listed companies

As the group's listed companies continue to grow, the information of group companies and listed companies needs to use various channels. communication.
There is no doubt that the website is the most effective, direct and authoritative information publishing platform. How to build a network platform that not only conforms to the corporate image, but also reflects the development strength of the enterprise.

Weipin provides solutions for major listed companies, such as website construction, website planning, web design, FLAS animation design, and network platform development.

Frequently Asked Questions on Websites of Listed Companies and Groups:

● The network image has not been taken seriously, affecting investors' judgment on the company!
● The website does not disclose information in a timely manner and cannot help investors!
● The website program technology is relatively backward, and updating is troublesome!
● The website design does not reflect the company culture and value well!
● No website information found on search engines (such as Baidu, Google, etc.), no promotion at all!

1. Consulting research report <br /> Understand your corporate characteristics, analyze the composition of investors in this industry, and sort out specific needs for you;

2. Functional and structural design of listed companies <br /> According to the needs of investors at all levels, we will design a functional framework of the website that meets their requirements, and suggest and assist you in organizing the information disclosure.
Corporate information disclosure platform:
We provide you with a powerful information disclosure platform. This is a mature application information release system. With a simple operation, you can easily release news, events, legal documents, financial reports, analysis reports and other investor concerns. All kinds of information.
Public opinion publicity platform:
Promote the outstanding performance of the Group and its subsidiaries, public welfare investment, social feedback, etc., and shape the Group's trusted public image.

3. Investor communication platform <br /> Introduce the performance and annual reports of listed companies, enhance investor confidence and win public trust.

4. Talent reserve platform <br /> Establish a human resources platform for the group and its affiliates, timely release recruitment information, establish a talent reserve, and gain long-term competitiveness for the group.
5. Business promotion platform <br /> To promote the Group's main business and key projects, enhance investor confidence, win social reputation, display products and services, and communicate with consumers.

6. Image display platform <br /> Communicate the company's values and core concepts, social responsibility and future development. Display the brand image of the group.

7. Online survey <br /> We provide you with online interaction with investors. You can use the online survey function to understand the needs and dynamics of investors; investors can also use this service to enhance the sense of corporate management participation.

8. Website operation and maintenance plan <br /> According to your daily business management model, we will recommend a set of operation plan for daily information provision, review, and release of the website to help you manage the website efficiently.

9 、 Perfect management system <br /> The management of the group's website is not only a problem of platform construction, but also the establishment of a management system. Without a perfect management, a website with powerful functions and beautiful pages is just an air tower. Combining many years of management experience, Shenzhen Desert Wind helps the group companies to establish internal and management systems and systems.

10. Data security and log records <br /> The management system has detailed login and access log records to facilitate security analysis. At the same time, it has a complete data backup and recovery module to ensure data security.

11. Permission management and information auditing <br /> Because the information management and maintenance of the Group's website covers a wide range, the website's management staff may reach dozens to hundreds of people, the management of permissions and information auditing is very important.
Fangwei Network provides targeted website construction solutions according to the conditions and needs of listed companies in the group.
Listed company / group website brand image optimization reference configuration plan:
● One set of English domain names, such as:
● One set of Chinese domain names, such as: www. 维 品 .com. China ● Virtual host 1024MB, telecommunications room server space ● News / Announcement information platform [a set of information systems, fixed functions.
● Site information search system ● Website traffic statistics and analysis system ● Product release and management system ● Website feedback system ● Recruitment system (* optional)
● Website PPT download system (* optional)
● Electronic magazine system for internal publications of the company group [a set of electronic magazine management system with fixed functions.
● Customer operation training for 3 days, free maintenance within 20 pages throughout the year (without changing the framework and structure), and free telephone technical support services.
● The chief web designer provides personalized web design, with CSS style sheets, Javascript scripts, Flash animation design, etc. ● Flash image display animation / Flash guide page (* optional)
Website development environment: DIV + CSS (XHTML 1.0 latest international standard) ASP.NET + MSSQL or php + MYSQL
● Website development cycle: 25-45 working days ● Website operation and maintenance plan According to your daily management mode, we will recommend a set of operation plans for daily information provision, review, and release of the website to help you manage the website efficiently.
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