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WeChat mobile website construction plan

With the rapid development of smart phones, the era of the mobile Internet has arrived. This brings us to an opportunity or a crisis, depending on whether you can quickly seize the opportunity and prioritize the market.

Using HTML5 technology
HTML5 technology has become increasingly mature. Due to difficulties in upgrading PC client browsers and other issues, it is difficult to fully implement HTML5 in PC browsers. However, for mobile browsers, upgrading and updating is simple and convenient. Most browsers support HTML5. The development of the website has brought a very good impetus, and let us undo the WAP without a doubt.

Personalized design
Professional designers personalize designs according to customer needs, and design designs that are more suitable for mobile browsing based on corporate characteristics and the unique size of the mobile phone.

Seamless connection with website
Can retrieve website related content and reduce mobile site maintenance costs.

Websites and mobile websites automatically redirect based on access device

When the mobile phone visits the website, it will automatically jump to the mobile phone website. When the computer visits the mobile website, it will automatically jump to the website.

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