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E-commerce mall website construction solution

The mall website needs a powerful background management system, a good user shopping experience, and a secure and stable server space.

The biggest feature of the mall website is that users need to implement shopping functions on the website. Shopping involves money, so the security of the website should be paid special attention. Generally, the mall website should not be designed in ASP programming language, and it is best to use ASP.NET and PHP language design. , The security is relatively high, at the same time these two languages are more powerful.

一下是商城网站前后台的主要阐述,一般公司功能未必全部需要 )。 The overall style of the mall is designed according to product characteristics (the following is the main explanation of the front and back of the mall website, general company functions may not be all required ).

First, the front-end interface function module
Product catalog: professional and flexible product organization, rich product display forms, very conducive to search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience     
1. Product catalog display, step-by-step wizard to add products, you can add multiple levels of subordinate columns
2. Introduced the concept of SEO search engine optimization, freely defining keywords, which is more suitable for online marketing promotion
3. The same product can be set to belong to multiple product categories at the same time
4. Commodity multimedia display
5. You can set a variety of price definitions, such as market price and promotional price, for product promotion.
6. Commodity brand display
7. Product reviews and messages, customers can make the most authentic comments on product quality, customer service, etc.
8. Product comparison, convenient for users to choose the most suitable product, improve user shopping experience
9. Product sorting (price, release time, sales volume, click-through rate, number of reviews)
10. Product search (general search, custom attribute search)
11. The product allows multiple pictures to be uploaded, so that the product can be displayed from multiple angles and in all directions
12. Product recommendation function, the mall administrator can recommend any product from the management background to the main display on the homepage
13. Product bulk upload
14. Product attribute settings. Products have different attributes, such as color, size, etc.
15. Product discount settings. Corresponding discounts can be set for individual products related to the quantity purchased
Shopping cart: Innovative and reasonable B2C business process, greatly improving shopping ease of use and user experience    
1. Add products, product packages, variant products, virtual products to the shopping cart
2. Mini Cart lists shopping items and amounts
3. Automatically store and merge customers' shopping carts (automatically save the items in the shopping carts, so that customers can buy online next time without losing this choice)
4. Add to favorites
5. Shopping cart update and empty, update the purchase quantity or delete the items in the shopping cart at will
6. Configurable gift packaging options
7. Automatically calculate the final total order amount based on coupons, user group discounts, product discounts, etc.
Checkout process: one-page checkout page, clear and reasonable operating procedures and steps, support member checkout and anonymous checkout, support cash on delivery and payment to delivery
1. Support multiple promotion / discount rules-various promotions / discounts, gift certificates, coupons, shipping and other automatic intelligent calculations (same function as point 8 of the "shopping cart")
2. Support anonymous shopping
3. Support multiple payment methods and multiple payment gateways
4. Support multiple transportation billing methods
5. Support invoice function
6. Support points gift
Product recommendation rules: 1. "Special offer" recommendation
2. "Optional Accessories" Recommended
3. "Other similar products with similar prices" recommended
4. "Other similar products of the same brand" recommended
5. "Similar Goods" Recommendation
6. Featured Products
7. "Customers who bought this product also bought" Product recommendation    
Member services: basic services such as member registration, login, modification of personal information, and modification of passwords   
Customer order management
2. Customer address book management
3. Customer Wish List Management
4. Message subscription
5. Complaints and suggestions
6. Points View
7. Product Favorites
Advertising display: flexible and rich advertising display, support for multiple ad slots, support for advertising and directory association, support for multiple ad formats, including images and Flash

Content information release: easy-to-use, graphic and textual content information release, including company news, corporate culture, information announcements, help centers, etc.

Second, back-end management system
The back-end management of the entire system is divided into nine modules by function, including product organization management, order processing, content release management, etc.
Backstage homepage:
(Background management interface) summary statistics of various types of main information, including customer information, order information, product information, inventory information, latest reviews and recent feedback, etc.
Commodity module:  
1. Commodity management: Adding, modifying, deleting, copying, batch processing, merchandise planning and removing, SEO, multimedia uploading of merchandise, etc., you can define whether the merchandise is physical or virtual, you can define whether to book or not to sell Wait. The product introduces the concept of SKU, and products containing multiple SKUs are variants.   
2. Commodity catalog management: tree-like catalog management and management, and can set association / commodity recommendation     
3. Product type management: define the type of product, set custom attribute items, SKU items, and product review items        
4. Brand management: add, modify, delete, upload brand logo   
5. Product review management: reply, delete
Sales module:
1. Promotion Management: It is divided into three categories: catalog promotion, shopping cart promotion and coupon promotion. Different promotion rules can be defined at will to meet daily promotional activities: shopping discounts, shopping gift points, shopping gift coupons, shopping free shipping fees, Special products, specific members purchase specific products, discounts, buy two get one free, etc.
2. Gift certificate management: add and send gift certificates
3. Association / Recommendation Management-Based on the rule engine, it can support multiple recommendation types, which can be manually added or automatically evaluated.
Order module:
1. Order management: You can edit, unlock, cancel orders, split orders, add products, remove products, confirm availability, etc., and adjust price changes caused by changes in promotional rules. After the order is processed, the return and exchange process can be initiated
2. Payment: It is often used to view order payment information and manual payment. Manual payment orders, commonly used for "payment to delivery" type of orders, can be understood as a kind of make-up behavior for orders such as payment to delivery
3. Settlement: Provides settlement functions between merchants and third-party logistics companies, usually monthly invoicing. At the same time, the settlement function is also commonly used to reconcile data after payment of the type of "cash on delivery"
Inventory module:
1. Inventory management: Introduce the concept of inventory, excluding goods that are always available for sale, and one SKU corresponds to one inventory. Inventory management provides functions such as increase and decrease to adjust the amount of inventory; in addition, you can also set the reserved quantity, minimum inventory quantity, and re-stocking quantity for specific SKUs. The specific inventory operation of each SKU product will be recorded in the inventory details record
2. View inventory details records
3. Stock preparation / shipment: create a series of logistics delivery operations such as stocking list, printing stocking list, printing delivery order, printing EMS express order, completing delivery, etc.
4.Return / Replacement: Process the receipt process for the return / replacement order
Content module:
1. Content management: including content management and content directory management. The content directory is organized and managed by a tree structure. Similar to the tree structure of the product catalog, you can set whether the catalog is a linked catalog
2. Unlimited creation of independent content pages, such as About Us, contact us
3.Advertisement management: add, modify, delete, upload ads, define the validity period of ads
4.You can freely set the navigation column of the mall, the content of the column, and the link of the column
5. Create unlimited independent content pages, such as About Us, contact us
Customer module: 1. Customer management: add, delete, modify, reset password, send email, etc.
2. Feedback management: delete, reply
3. Message subscription management: add, delete, modify message groups and messages, assign message groups, view subscribers
4. Membership: add, delete, modify
System modules:
1. Security management: administrator, role rights assignment, and security log
2. System attribute management: used to manage custom attributes. Associated modules include product management, product catalog management, content management, and customer management
3. Transportation and area: transportation company, transportation method, transportation area
4. Payment management: payment methods, payment history
5. Packaging management: add, modify, delete
6. Data import management: product catalog import, product import, member data import
7. Mail queue management: monitor mail delivery and delete abnormal mails
Reporting module:
Several default statistical reports, support time period filtering, support filtering by different status, support HTML, PDF and Excel format export and print
1. User registration statistics
2. Low inventory summary
3. Backorder
4. Order summary
5. Returns
Online customer service
2. Recently viewed historical products
3. Page compression and caching
4.Site Map
5. Comprehensive SEO optimization
6.Community sharing function, group purchase, spike, limited time buy
7. The homepage title, keywords, and content introduction are set by yourself to facilitate SEO search engine optimization (the content of the tags such as title, description, keywords, etc. can be set by yourself)
8. Static optimization, support URL Rewrite rewrite, more conducive to search engine optimization
9Traffic statistics: Involve third-party traffic statistics systems, such as CNZZ, 35KF, Google Analysis, etc., to facilitate understanding of the browsing status of your website
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